LaunchX Governance

We give users the opportunity to back the projects they want to see on LaunchX.

If you haven’t read our LaunchX Community Update #003 already, please do.

Libre DeFi, NFTrade & DinoX are the first cohort of projects that could be launched on LaunchX!

Now that we’ve announced the new projects that have passed our initial assessment process, it’s time for the community to get involved.

In short, this is how our governance process works:

  1. Projects will have to go through and successfully complete our rigorous application process.
  2. The LaunchX team will then assist the projects that pass the initial application process to submit a warm temperature check using our Discourse platform. This stage will last between 48 to 72 hours to ensure the community gets a chance to vote, comment, and provide feedback.
  3. If the vote gets passed by a majority, an official proposal is submitted. We’ll assist the projects again and notify the community. The official proposal voting happens on-chain.
  4. If the official proposal vote passes, the team works with them to set up a launch.

We’re currently at stage 2 for our first cohort of projects.

Those projects have already been thoroughly assessed and analyzed by industry-leading specialists from diverse backgrounds in industries ranging from legal to financial to marketing. This process ensures that only the strongest and most legitimate projects with the highest potential are featured. We won’t ever consider whitelisting projects where we don’t feel comfortable about any aspect, from team to vesting.

After the team has posted their answers to our template questions in the Discourse forum, you’ll have the opportunity to read, assess, discuss, ask questions, and give feedback for 48–72 hours. Then we’ll open up a vote that determines whether this project gets to the next stage of a potential launch on the LaunchX platform.

In the next stage, there will be an on-chain vote (with Snapshot) on the official proposal. If that one gets passed by a majority as well, we’ll start setting up a launch!

With LaunchX, we’re creating a paradigm shift in fair and transparent public launches.

If you have any questions about how to be actively engaged, head on over to our Telegram, and we’d be happy to support you with any questions you have.

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