LaunchX Joins the GSD Venture Studios Flight Path Program

A Silicon Valley Joint Venture

LaunchX joins an illustrious group of industry giants on the GSD Studio Labs Flight Path Program to support elite DeFi projects that join LaunchX Studios.

The GSD Flight Path

Following on from our earlier GSD Venture Studios announcement, we are extremely pleased and excited to announce that both Gary Fowler CEO, President & Co-founder of GSD and Derek Distenfield COO, CFO & Co-founder of GSD will officially join the LaunchX Advisory Board.

Gary and Derek bring an incredible amount of value, experience, and network opportunity to LaunchX. Considering the long-standing relationship between GSD and Marshland Capital(a core Dao member in LaunchX), we are well aware of the value that both of these Silicon Valley Fin-tech giants can provide to LaunchX and our growing community.

David Marshall — partner at Marshland

Derek Distenfield, COO, CFO & Co-founder of GSD commented “Between LaunchX and GSD, we have a diverse, open-minded team of crypto enthusiasts and product-driven go-getters. We feel that combining our experience in DeFi and early-stage startups is a match made in heaven. We will be able to drive incredible growth for LaunchX Studio companies and really lead the next generation of tokenized offerings.”

Jonathan Poots, a partner at Magnus Capital, commented “With the announcement of LaunchX Studios, it’s easy to see the potential of what we are creating. Ultimately, we are joining a new dimension of DeFi innovation together. With our already powerful group of worldwide partners and collective startup expertise, we’re creating a springboard for the industry’s most powerful and intriguing DeFi projects.”

Gary Fowler, CEO, President & Co-founder of GSD commented, “This is a very exciting milestone for the DeFi industry and we believe LaunchX Studio companies will be positioned to achieve incredible heights following participation in our program and exposure to our network. GSD is proud to lead the way in revolutionizing the way people use crypto and tokenized offerings to build global unicorns”

In conclusion, LaunchX’s DeFi expertise coupled with GSD’s ability to nurture hyper-growth for start up businesses will drive unparalleled success for LaunchX Studio companies at speeds and magnitudes far beyond anything they could have previously conceived.

Stay tuned to see how our partnership unfolds over the coming months.

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