LaunchX Partners with Libre DeFi!

Simplifying the entry into the World of DeFi

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new partner: Libre!

LaunchX x Libre DeFi

Libre DeFi

Libre simplifies the entry into the DeFi space for both the casual and serious crypto investor, providing a user-based, frictionless on-boarding experience. They’re community-centric, transparent & charity-driven.

“DeFi made easy”

Libre will consist out of these three key components:

  • Libre Swap
    Users can connect their wallets and trade Libre or other crypto assets directly from LibreSwap. They will also receive a portion of transaction fees in return.
  • Libre Farms
    With a portion of the token supply going back into the wallets of Liquidity providers, Libre investors enjoy the benefit of both sustainable and long-term investment returns.
  • USDL — Libre Stablecoin
    USDL is and will always be backed by the value of the assets in the Libre treasury wallet. The amount of USDL that is minted is the same as the value of the assets that are in the treasury wallet.

Libre combines these components and more to build one holistic platform that provides:

About LaunchX

LaunchX is a decentralized multi-chain IDO launchpad platform, allowing for its community of users to get access to allocations in newly launched projects at the ground floor. Currently available with both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain-based tokens, LaunchX drives the next generation of projects to launch in a fair and decentralized manner across multiple chains.

The purpose of this collaboration is for both platforms to work together in synergy, exploiting the full potential of our DeFi capabilities.

Here’s what David Marshall, partner at Marshland (core member of the LaunchX DAO), had to say about this partnership.

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